find the professional DNS hosting service

Jorg W Young JorgWYoung+ML at
Mon Nov 29 12:57:27 UTC 2010

Hi list,

We are a company running for gaming.
Our website's rank is about 500 in Alexa.
We didn't have our own nameservers, have been using the domain
registry provider's nameservers for free.
Due to some problems, we want to change the DNS hosting.
The provider should have included the features:

* Professional DNS hosting service with 24*7 tech supports.
* Great stability and fast speed.
* Anti-DDoS and other DNS attacks.
* Having webadmin system which is ease to use for DNS records management.
* Audit mechanisms for different management accounts.
* It's better if there is DNS query statistics.

We have been greatest expecting the solid and professional DNS hosting
service, the price is no problem.
If there is any commercial hosting provider here you could please
contact with me.


Kind regrads,
Jorg W. Young

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