Can't transfer two zones using two IP addresses

Scott Simpson Scott.Simpson at
Wed Sep 1 09:37:26 UTC 2010

On Tuesday 31 August 2010 21:44:15 Barry Margolin wrote:
> Do the transfer sources match the match-clients options of the two
> views?  When a connection arrives, it's first associated with a view
> using this option.  Then when the request turns out to be a zone
> transfer it further checks it against the allow-transfer option.

That is the intellectual leap I was looking for. I added the lines

view "internal {
    match-clients { !; 192.168.2/24; };
view "external" {
    match-clients { !; any; };

on the server and things worked swimmingly (I was missing the not clauses 
before). Danka schoen.


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