discrepancy with rndc dumpdb -zones

Gordon A. Lang glang at goalex.com
Wed Sep 1 15:02:37 UTC 2010

BIND 9.4-ESV-R2 acting as master and also allowing recursive queries.
It was just a disaster recovery exercise, so the load was extremely light.
It happened repeatedly at the time, but I could not duplicate the problem
on the busy production server.
Matus posted that it could be journal data, which is believable, but I did
not know the dumpdb was supposed to include history -- I thought it was
supposed to be a fully digested and cherent snapshot.
I have not had time to revist this, but I still do want to find out more.

Gordon A. Lang

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> Hi Gordon,
> We've not seen this before (and it doesn't sound like anyone else has
> either).  What version of BIND is it?  Has it reappeared since?  Is this
> a particularly heavily loaded/busy server?  Does it have recursive cache
> as well as authoritative zones?
> Kind regards,
> Cathy
> Gordon A. Lang wrote:
>> After several successful "update delete ..." nsupdate sends to the master
>> DNS server, verified with dig, the "rndc dumpdb -zones" command produced
>> named_dump.db file still showing the deleted records.  This was 
>> repeatable
>> and persistent (over the half hour time period) until I performed a hard
>> restart of named.
>> Has anyone else seen this sort of thing?
>> Can anyone explain this?
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