Upgrading from 9.6 to 9.7

Timothe Litt litt at acm.org
Tue Sep 7 01:42:44 UTC 2010

Thanks - a couple of clarifying questions..

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In message <A312010A27F14658B095B6523E39B920 at sb.litts.net>, "Timothe Litt"
> I've been running 9.6-ESV-R1 and 9.6.1-P3 with 
> zones on several servers - all linux, some FC13, others on ARM embedded

>> -DALLOW_INSECURE_TO_SECURE is always allowed.

>> -DALLOW_SECURE_TO_INSECURE is a named.conf option
>>	dnssec-secure-to-insecure <boolean>;
> Is there any documentation for what I need to do to convert from this 
> interim dnssec auto-signing mechanism to the 9.7.1-P2 release?

>> Just allow keys changes to become stable, then remove the
sig-signing-type records.
These are the TYPE 65534 records?  E.g. dig axfr reports these:
   example.com. 0     IN      TYPE65534 \# 5 0797800001

How can I tell that key changes are 'stable'?  (The only changes going on at
are the automagic re-signing. (sig-validity-interval 8 2; + dhcp updates)

Will nsupdate allow me to delete these?  (all the zones are, of course,
The ARM (p 24) seems to indicate that bind 9.7 still uses them - are you
saying that I 
need to delete them under the old version before starting the new?  

This would a bit tricky, since as long as the master is up, dhcp and other
DDNS updates 
will arrive at unpredictable times - and of course that triggers resigning.
If the master
is down - I guess I could axfr from one of the slaves to get a consistent
copy.  But
if I restart the master with those files (dozens of them), I'd have to
delete the
journals - would state then be lost?  Or do the slaves have everything

> Are there interoperability issues between these versions?

>> No.
So would you suggest upgrading the slaves before the master, or the master
And I can use my existing key-directory (ies - 1/view)  and zone/journal
files - no 
changes required?

> To make life more interesting, I not only want to update all my 
> servers, but also must move the master server to a new host - with 
> selinux (fedora core 13).
> Is there any 'getting started' presentation (esp for DNSEC) on 9.7?  
> There was a "DNSSEC in (a few) minutes" presentation for bind, but I 
> haven't seen an update for 97.  The ARM is great reference, but not 
> easy to decipher for upgrade situations...

>> Read up on "rndc sign" and "auto-dnssec".  9.7 also introduced
>> for setting up trusted keys which are using RFC 5011 management

I'm looking forward to these - once I understand how they work and how to
them to do the most magic for me... And how to get the rest into my web gui
& cron -
E.g. I want to end up with a button that says "roll key for this zone", with
the delays and key generation and adds and removes just happening...

> (I'd be happy to move this to dnssec-deployment if the concensus is 
> that it belongs there.)
> Thanks.
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