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Two reasons. First, we assume authoritive control for two to three
domains each quarter. Limiting the caching TTL would make changes easier
to make when we don't have the cooperation of the hosting provider(s).

Second, we use BIND to blackhole records/domains. Limiting the TTL would
make the changes propagate faster. 

For internal clients, we have eight servers to handle outbound DNS
requests and they are treated as the DNS servers of last resort.
However, there are something between seven to eight hundred DNS servers
through the enterprise that we have no control over. I am looking for
way to ensure when we make changes that they are quickly propagated,
especially when we're making blackhole changes.


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On 9/23/2010 10:19 AM, Atkins, Brian (GD/VA-NSOC) wrote:
> I'm looking for methods to reduce the period of time we cache external
> records (e.g., I think the option I need to implement
> is max-cache-ttl.
> Is this the correct method for limiting caching? Are there reasons
> I should or should not do it?

The answer to the first question probably depends on the answer to "Why 
do you want to limit the time period that external records are cached on

your server?"

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