All zone blocks for "public" view should be listed here in "internal"too!

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In views order is important.  If you have internal before others (e.g. external) then that is the default view.   


What I *think* it is telling you is that if you have an internal view that you restrict to certain networks that you need to insure you have all the public zones in the external view and the internal view if you intend to have your internal users see them.  That is what we do here.



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Subject: All zone blocks for "public" view should be listed here in "internal"too!




I hope this is the right alley for my question. I run a public DNS for several domains on a gentoo server. After upgrading to 9.7.1_p2 I read in the shipped configuration that "All zone blocks for "public" view should be listed here in "internal" too!".


Now, what does it mean? Do I simply copy and paste the public zone entries in the internal zone? And what's the point in doing it, is everyone needs it anyway?


I hope you'll pardon my obvious lack of basic knowledge on the subject.

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