repository for zone files

Paul Wouters paul at
Thu Sep 23 23:25:28 UTC 2010

On Thu, 23 Sep 2010, Michael Sinatra wrote:

> On 09/23/10 12:53, Stewart Dean wrote:
>> On AIX, I'm used to /etc/dns.  CentOS seems to place in /var/named.  Is
>> there any blessed, bestofallpossibleworlds place for the zone files. I'm
>> moving our DNS from from AIX to CentOS/Fedora. I'm inclined to create
>> the /etc/dns dir but maybe it'd be better to put it in
>> /var/named.....Comments, brickbats?
> I have always found it to be a good idea to do what the OS wants.  Many OSes 
> now are set up to run bind in a chroot jail (a good thing), but this requires

Note that RHEL/CentOS/Fedora rely on SElinux instead of chroot(). The problem
with chroot() is needing copies of system files, which make it hard to package
for updates, etc. But the same applies, for SElinux policies to work properly,
stick with the OS.

Also, /etc should not containt megabytes of zones files imho, that's much better
placed in /var.


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