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> Up until Bill came out with NT with the stated intention of killing UNIX
> I was somewhat of an M$ fan (over Apple that is).   All he really
> succeeded in killing was Netware.  Now years later Apple is running a
> UNIX based OS - go figure.
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> My thanks to everyone that answered for their wit and wisdom, both of
> which are
> good to find when joining a list.  /var/named it is.
>> its UNIX fragmentation all over again.  8)
> <grin>  Remember when Windows NT was begun as the Great White Hope that
> would
> have all the functionality (and more!) of Unix, but would have a Common
> Flag and
> Parm Convention so you wouldn't have to learn a different one for every
> different command?
> On 9/23/2010 4:14 PM, Greg Whynott wrote:
>> they (the distro maintainers) could not agree to put anything in the
> same place if the worlds sanity depended on it.
>> /var/named
>> /srv/bind
>> /etc/bind
>> /var/lib/named
>> /usr/local/named
>> it's all over the place.   myself i just create links from /var/named
> (which is where I think it was found on most commercial UNIX's I've
> used,  IRIX admin here..) to wherever they decided to stick it.  That
> being said,  if you build it from source (which I'd be inclined to do if
> not using a linux wiht a support contract),  you can pass the path to
> configure and place it anywhere you wish with zero functionally loss.
>> its a bunch of "my way makes sense,  i'll pee in this corner,  its
> mine now).
>> its UNIX fragmentation all over again.  8)
>> <rant off,  sorry>
>> -g
>> On Sep 23, 2010, at 4:01 PM, Michael Sinatra wrote:
>>> On 09/23/10 12:53, Stewart Dean wrote:
>>>> On AIX, I'm used to /etc/dns.  CentOS seems to place in /var/named.
> Is
>>>> there any blessed, bestofallpossibleworlds place for the zone files.
> I'm
>>>> moving our DNS from from AIX to CentOS/Fedora. I'm inclined to
> create
>>>> the /etc/dns dir but maybe it'd be better to put it in
>>>> /var/named.....Comments, brickbats?
>>> I have always found it to be a good idea to do what the OS wants.
> Many
>>> OSes now are set up to run bind in a chroot jail (a good thing), but
>>> this requires a specific directory structure.  If your OS has already
>>> set that up (and if the startup scripts work with that structure),
> then
>>> it's best to keep them that way.  Probably the ideal thing to do is
> use
>>> the OS defaults and then symlink your previous directory structure to
>>> the OS defaults as necessary to maintain compatibility with your
>>> in-house scripts and processes.
>>> michael
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Netware isnt dead, its just linux now, lol.

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