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Fri Sep 24 15:58:13 UTC 2010

  More questions...(CentOS 5.5, bind-9.7.1-P2)
1) I assume the canonical location of named.conf is always in /etc?  Nobody 
(Little grasshopper from ORA, google) says so, but there are intimations here 
and there.

2) My home-built binary is nearly 7MB, while the CentOS distro binary is about 
400K.  Is this right?  Is there a way as in sendmail of determining what 
features bind was built with or is that an invalid question?

3) My binary is (sensibly) in /usr/local/sbin where it is found first by the 
which command, but the distro init.d/named invocation file looks to the distro 
/usr/sbin. Oh my....I *could* modify the init.d/named file to call named from 
/usr/local/bin OR I could maybe achieve the same thing (for this and more) by 
modifying the init.d/functions file's PATH definition/assignment to first 
include /usr/local/bin and sbin OR make /usr/sbin/named a link to 
/usr/local/sbin/named, but.....that would get hosed the next time I upgraded 
CentOS.  Tell me please  a sensible, persistent way to make my home-made binary 
run and its ancillary files get called.
I'd like egg in my beer too.

4) Any suggestion for CentOS DNS implementation tutorial/tips/cookbook on line?

5) What are the drawbacks in running a chrooted DNS?

I *have* looked for this information...I've been running DNS services for 12 
years on AIX, but that was just an out-of-box use-the-defaults with vanilla 
changes based on ORA D&B.  Now I'm directed to build at the latest level from 
scratch and implement it on CentOS...from 25 years in computing, I'm 
behaviorally conditioned (i.e. I have scars) to sweat the basic details so 
something weird/ghastly doesn't pop after some time or work invested
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