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Thu Sep 30 09:09:24 UTC 2010


I am puzzled with a bind config for a kind of dns-reverse-proxy situation.

I have a server with only one public IP addresse, bind running on
port 53 of it.
This bind serves A subdomain
should be served on some other software answering DNS request
with dynamically generated answers.

I can create a forward zone like this
zone "" {
  type forward;
  forward only;
  forwarders { port 5353; };

which works fine in the way that it forwards all queries to and
all answers from the other DNS software running on port 5353, but
- this is problem - only if the view with the statement allows

For several reasons I do not want to answer all queries for all
domains recursivly, just those for that one zone.

When I turn recursion off, bind answers with a referal to itself
(glue records work ;-), which in this case is not helpful.

Does anybody have an idea on how I can persuade bind to answer
only this zone recusivly?



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