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Wed Apr 27 13:01:16 UTC 2011

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> Torinthiel writes:
> > Try deleting the space. Just this. dnssec-keygen inserts space for
> > readability purposes only. If you still have original *.key and
> > *.private files, you can check it yourself, that the Key field in
> > *private contains exactly the same as *.key, minus the space.
> It actually had the space, also. I did remove the space in the
> .key file and dhcp dynamic updates started working again but I
> am still really stuck. If I take those key files and put them in
> /home/martin/keys, nsupdate -d -k
> $HOME/keys/Kkeyname.+random.key, the error is always file not
> found or that the private key is invalid. It's just the files as
> produced by the dnssec-keygen program.
> The output of nsupdate is always:
> Creating key...
> could not read key from /home/martin/keys/Kkey_name.+157+18051.private:
>  private key is invalid

You are using a dnssec-keygen with a old nsupdate.  Add '-C' (compatability
mode) to generate keys with dnssec-keygen for use with the old nsupdate. 

> I get the same results by using the .key file although they are
> specified clearly in the path.
> 	I've been doing dynamic dns for about 6 years and
> decided to change the key as the old one may have been
> compromised. It worked fine and this one works everywhere now
> except for nsupdate.
> I am at my wits' end. Thanks for the help. I do not understand
> why nsupdate is now broken.
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