BIND freezing up randomly under "real" load

Mark Andrews marka at
Fri Aug 5 00:56:33 UTC 2011

In message <OF37C4EC6B.4C6AF96C-ON882578E2.0061B051-882578E2.0066FE9C at nshe.neva>, Ian_Veach at writes:
> Am (was) prepping to deploy BIND 9.7.3-P3 (which is the version that came 
> with RHEL6.1) on RHEL6.1, sitting on top of OSPF anycast.  Currently 
> running BIND 9.5.0-P2 (with Novell patches) on SLES 11 (with OSPF anycast) 
> just fine in production, but running into strange problem on new system, 
> not encountered during testing.
> SLES system runs ok, RHEL install tested ok under "loading."  When moving 
> into production, named runs fine with no customers (ospf off).  I can (and 
> have) queried it (dig @localhost) all day.  When I turn on ospf and let 
> the real world query, it works fine for a couple minutes and then hangs 
> completely:  rndc won't connect, no logs are updated, named will not 
> respond at all, but it is still running (and a telnet to 53 or 953 
> connects at least, but I'm not familiar with protocol level commands). 
> named stop fails (hangs), and I have to pkill it to be able to restart it.
>  A trace (level 99) yielded nothing in the logs before it crapped out.  I 
> was running rndc and I see those and then nothing.  The few previous 
> errors noted were DNS format errors from external sources.
> Network guys and I note OSPF looks fine (digging to localhost, anyway, and 
> that eventually fails).  lsof doesn't show anything particularly weird. 
> system load, mem, etc. seems fine (comparable to SLES systems).  It just 
> seems to give up the ghost...
> Any ideas?  Any additional info that would be helpful?

I would try BIND 9.7.4.  If that doesn't fix the problem open a bug report.
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