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Sun Aug 7 13:05:18 UTC 2011


I have Googled and searched the archives for two days and cannot find an
answer to this question... just more confusion!  Please forgive me ahead of
time as I run two name servers for my mid-sized company and am by no means
an expert in using bind DNS. We have about eight domains but don't have a
lot of records for each zone.  Here is my issue:

We are moving to a two Exchange server / two data center model for
auto-failover reasons. Both data centers are in to different locations and
have multiple internet pipes and tier 1 providers coming into their data

Here is what I'm trying to do:

For example, our email domain name on the Exchange servers is:    Our spam filtering device is: and is
the MX record.  In the zone file I have A records pointing to
both correctly.

Our problem comes in on our other domains. I am trying to point to and to using CNAME records.  I'm obviously doing this wrong or
trying to do something that can't or shouldn't be done.  Like I said, I am
fairly new to bind9 but I'd sure rather use it than something link MS DNS

What I am attempting to do is make it so that if an outside email server or
inside user goes to  or they are
'redirected' to the domain where our UCC cert covers both of the
Exchange servers.

Please let me know if I've left anything out that would be helpful in
answering these questions.

Thank you,

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