epza.gov.tw. MX

Mark K. Pettit pettit at yahoo-inc.com
Mon Aug 8 20:57:38 UTC 2011

On Aug 8, 2011, at 1:50 PM, Chris Thompson wrote:

> On Aug 8 2011, Mark K. Pettit wrote:
>> My resolvers, running BIND 9.7.3P3, are having a difficult time resolving
>> the MX record for the zone "epza.gov.tw.".
> [...]
>> Any idea why this might be happening?
> The delegation for epza.gov.tw from the gov.tw zone specifies a single
> nameserver dns.epza.gov.tw (with glue But the server there
> thinks that the nameserver for the zone is called ns.epza.gov.tw, and
> that dns.epza.gov.tw is a CNAME with target ns.epza.gov.tw.
> Using CNAMEs like that doesn't work correctly. Making dns.epza.gov.tw
> have a duplicate address record instead would work, but of course what
> is really needed is to get the delegation in step with the zone itself.
> Having more than one nameserver for the zone wouldn't be a bad idea,
> either ...

Thanks, this explained everything we've been seeing.

Fortunately, it's not our fault, so we can punt.  :)

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