syntax error in $GENERATE crashed all nameservers

Lightner, Jeff JLightner at
Thu Aug 18 14:28:59 UTC 2011

It was certainly a typo and a user error in that regard.

However, he was suggesting it was bug because it should have rejected input of negative numbers and I'll have to say I agree with that viewpoint.   If I typed "las" instead of "ls" on a command line and found out that "las" meant "lose all systems" I'd certainly feel whoever had created such a program should have put some safeguards in to keep it from doing something so ridiculous.

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On Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 04:45:38PM -0400, bl ton wrote:
> We had a syntax error in our inverse zone file using GENERATE and
> extra dash were added to the scope so '199--222' instead of
> '199-222':
> $GENERATE 199--222 $ PTR 10-100-60-$

Ouch! Sorry to hear this!

> I would assume named will check the syntax error and refuse to load
> this zone just like it normally does, but instead it tries to
> generate millions of erroneous entry because it scanned '-222' to
> the stop which created a huge number for the named to loop through
> and the CPU at 100% and locked up 15 of our nameservers, some of
> those need power recycle to respond to console.
> This is the first bug of that type we have seen, it's my 12th year
> of running BIND for large site, another team member has nearly 20
> years experience with BIND and we're surprised named doesn't catch
> the syntax error.
> Should a syntax error in inverse zone file cause named to locking
> up the machine?

You're calling this a bug and a syntax error. I disagree. I'd call
this a typo and a user error.

> But there is checking in forward file and same syntax error were
> caught:
> Aug 16 19:09:19 named named[4169]: 16-Aug-2011 19:09:19.609
> general: error: dns_rdata_fromtext: buffer-0x42200470 : near
> '': bad dotted quad
> Aug 16 20:00:02 named named[4169]: 16-Aug-2011 22:00:02.649
> general: error: $GENERATE: Domain/ bad
> dotted quad
> Aug 16 20:00:02 named named[4169]: 16-Aug-2011 22:00:02.649
> general: error: zone loading from master
> file Domain/test.example.edufailed: bad dotted quad

It's not the same error. You can create PTR names and values of
anything you want. But the value for an A record is limited to the
set of valid IPv4 addresses. Note that your A $GENERATE was quite
happy until it reached 256.      IN      PTR            IN      PTR

Those are both valid, as was the entire $GENERATE range.      IN      A      IN      A

First one is valid, second one is not.

That said, I wouldn't have thought that a $GENERATE range could go
"over the top" like that, so to speak. I could see calling that a
possible bug.
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