Max number of views and performance.

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at
Thu Aug 25 09:36:43 UTC 2011

>24.08.2011 08:04, sky shade пишет:
>>I like to know if bind 9.8 have a limit of view?
>>There is any number or I can create something like 1 million views
>>without problems?
>>There is any performance implication in use to many views?

On 25.08.11 10:27, Dmitry Rybin wrote:
>I use about 120 views. It accure 1,8gb of RAM in Idle. You must limit 
>recursive cache to 32-64MB per view, and forward all recursive 
>queries to another DNS server (I use powerdns-recurser at 
>for best perfomance.

you can also use attach-cache directive to share a cache betwween 
multiple views. If your views only differ by loaded zones, that should 
not be a problem.

If it's not possible, you (or the OP) can surely configure 120 or e.g. 
million real or virtual machines to provide the DNS service.  That is 
just what views do within one BIND process.

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