Separating zone file for static usage and DDNS

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at
Tue Aug 30 13:15:35 UTC 2011

>2011/8/29 Chris Buxton <chris.p.buxton at>
>> A zone is atomically either static or dynamic. There is no mix.

On 30.08.11 00:43, Вячеслав Присивко wrote:
>Seems it's the matter of the way of implementation, not the RFCs'
>restrictions, doesn't it? Why don't propose it for implementing then?

Partly. Either you modify the zone and only configure BIND only to read 
the file, or you ask BIND modify zone and only write to the file.

There's no sane way of doing both (having multiple processes modifying 
the same file results into mess).  However when the zone is dynamic, 
you can instruct BIND to to wha tyou want, you just won't do it by 
editing the zone but by sending changes to BIND.

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