faster fail-over between multiple masters

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at
Wed Aug 31 09:14:56 UTC 2011

Hi Michael!

Am 30.08.2011 20:33, schrieb Michael Graff:
> On 2011-08-30 12:06 PM, Klaus Darilion wrote:
>> Unfortunately I fail to find the options where I can configure the 
>> number of retransmissions, timeouts and number of transactions -
>> please give me some hints.
> I don't believe there are external knobs for this behavior.
> I can think of several possible fixes here:
> (1)  if we get a notify during a SOA check, proceed as usual but flag
> this so we will just start another SOA check.  We may transfer the
> zone between these checks (and probably should.)
> (2)  send all SOA requests in parallel, and use an overall max time to
> wait (perhaps 20 seconds) and re-send the SOA to servers which have
> not responded every 4 seconds.  This limits the total time an SOA
> check will take.
> (3)  If any of the servers respond with better SOA serial numbers than
> we have, transfer from the masters as listed in the config file or
> whichever is better, depending on current behavior.
> I do not know when we would be able to get to this change, but I'll
> put them on the back-log for future releases.
> If you want to go code diving, you can likely find the timeouts and
> change the behavior for your servers.  However, you'll have to track
> this each time we do a release for the foreseeable future.

I'm not a coder, thus I will wait until someone else improves it. :-)

Anyway, regardles off what option will be implemented, I think it would
be good to make the retransmission paramters configureable, e.g:
- query-timeout (currently 15 seconds)
- query-retransmissions (number of retransmissions with same
                         transaction id, currently 2)
- query-attempts (number of transactions, currently 4)


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