Dell TPM, was Re: dnssec-keygen not responding

Paul Wouters paul at
Thu Dec 1 23:04:32 UTC 2011

On Thu, 1 Dec 2011, Warren Kumari wrote:

> Yeah, a number of motherboards now come with TPMs that include hardware RNGs...
> My current personal server (Dell R710) has just such a beastie -- there is some info here: and I *think* that the rng-tools package now supports it natively....

I have an R610, but either the bios has it disabled or it did not find it, though I was
pretty sure I enabled it in the BIOS. And yes I confirmed the support is in the rng-utils on rhel5.

> I spent *many* hours futzing with this, rebooting into the BIOS to try and enable the TPM, upgrading the BIOS, beating my head against a wall, etc...
> Eventually I realized that I had purchased the server from the Dell outlet center and even though the build list included the standard (RoW - "Rest of World"!) motherboard it actually had the China specific board that is identical, but doesn't include a TPM....

Maybe I'm suffering from that too? I looked at dmidecode, but it didn't give me much info.

Matt, is there anyway to confirm if the TPM is there (but potentially disabled in bios) ?


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