undefined ACL error while running named-checkconf file

Anand Buddhdev anandb at ripe.net
Sat Dec 3 11:56:19 UTC 2011

On 03/12/2011 12:44, babu dheen wrote:


> I am maintaining the same configuration on primary server but when i
> execute the same command refering /etc/named.rfc1912.zones file, i am
> not getting any error.

Are the files identical? Are the versions of BIND on both servers the
same? Obviously, there must be something different, which results in the
error message.

> But when i execute the same command in my slave server, i am getting
> this error.
> Can you tell me how to enable the debug logs in bind?

Try reading the BIND manual first. If you don't understand something
specific, ask about it on the bind-users mailing list.



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