bind as a service on windows "-c" option not working

Vbvbrj vbvbrj at
Fri Dec 9 18:57:01 UTC 2011

Bind 9.8.1 P1 installed in D:\bind9.
Config files and other zone files and log files in D:\bind_config
Service configuration: Path to executable"
"D:\bind9\bin\named.exe" -c "D:\bind_config\etc\named.conf"

named.conf has the line:
directory "D:\named.conf";

If the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ISC\BIND\"InstallDir" is 
present, then at the start the named.conf is searched under the folder 
"etc" of "InstallDir" folder.
If I delete this key, the the named.conf file is searched in 
system32/etc folder or something under system32 folder.

In both cases the "-c" option is not taken by the service. As starting 
bind from command line, the "-c" option is taken in account and 
named.conf is read from the specified path.

How to tell the named running as a service to read the config file from 
the path specified with "-c" option?

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