zone updates different in different views

Ken Peng shorttag at
Sun Dec 11 00:41:06 UTC 2011

2011/12/11 Dan Pritts <danno at>:
> Hi,
> using bind 9.8.1-p1 on rhel5 i386
> Having a problem with views.  My intended configuration:
> * most zones are identical in either view
> * a few zones are added in the internal view
> * networks in the internal view can do recursive queries (yeah, i know, i'm
> not supposed to mix authoritative & recursing servers, but it's not illegal,
> right?)

Well, you maybe want to setup the multi-views with TSIG Keys for
transfer correctly. My DNSbed has 4 views with master and
multi-slaves, the zones between them are syncing right with TSIG keys.

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