DLZ provider other than a database?

Doug Barton dougb at dougbarton.us
Wed Dec 21 01:53:28 UTC 2011

I've been given an interesting challenge that I doubt I'm the first one
to face, so I thought I'd ask. :)  I have an internal project for which
I have a large'ish number of hostnames that I want to return a fairly
standard set of RRs for, but (for a variety of reasons) I'd rather not
create any sort of static data set for (e.g., zone file, actual db
entries, etc.).

It seems to me that DLZ should provide an interface for me to do that,
but web searching for anything with "DNS" and "dynamic" in it either
brings up a lot of DDNS stuff or definitions of what DLZ is. Cluebats
welcome ...




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