load-balancing in DNS using two A records

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Wed Dec 21 08:33:37 UTC 2011

>In message <20111220182222.GA3085 at fantomas.sk>, Matus UHLAR - fantomas writes:
>> Long time ago when we were trying to have multiple web servers for
>> redundancy and balancing, we have found that multiple IP's is not a
>> good solution (parts of web pages didn't load). We selected L3
>> switches then...

On 21.12.11 09:26, Mark Andrews wrote:
>Which is really the result of badly designed clients.  Clients are getting
>better with address affinity and fast failover on unreachable servers.

It's been long time ago (~10 years). And even if they did failover, 30s 
(tcp connection timeout) delays are very ugly when loading a web page.
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