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Konstantin V. Krotov kkv at
Wed Dec 21 09:54:50 UTC 2011

Hello, list!
I have split view on my name-servers (master and slave), for internal 
and external clients i have zone with similar names, but different content.
Part of config named.conf on master:

view "internal" {
     match-clients { myclients; };
     recursion yes;
     match-recursive-only yes;
     allow-recursion { myclients; };
     zone "" {
         type master;
         file "";
         allow-transfer {transfer_acl;};
         allow-update {none;};

view "external" {
     match-clients { "any"; };
     recursion no;
[here descriptions of zone]

Well, then i have "match-recursive-only yes" directive in "internal" 
view, slave name-server report: "zone refresh: non-authoritative answer 
from master xx.xx.136.2#53 (source xx.xx.140.26#0). If 
match-recursive-only no, zone transfer to slave all right. There i have 
wrong? Thx.

WBR, Konstantin V. Krotov
mailto: kkv at

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