Again Crashed Bind

Juan O cutrez at
Thu Feb 3 19:44:10 UTC 2011

 In my company we'd got a bind v9.6.0-P1 running on a RHEL 5.4 server. 
 Last November the named process stopped. I revised the logs and I could see: 
19-Nov-2010 13:21:32.572 query.c:1769: INSIST(!dns_rdataset_isassociated(sigrdataset)) failed 
 19-Nov-2010 13:21:32.572 exiting (due to assertion failure) 

We carried out an upgrade, following the advice from

Now we have our DNS servers with 9.6.2-P2 BIND version. And the same thing has happened today:

14:46:12.424 query.c:1783: INSIST(! dns_rdataset_isassociated(sigrdataset))

14:46:12.424 exiting (due to assertion failure)

Could you help me please? What should I do?
Thank you very much. 		 	   		  
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