Akadns and Bind

Barry Margolin barmar at alum.mit.edu
Fri Feb 4 01:23:45 UTC 2011

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 Tory M Blue <tmblue at gmail.com> wrote:

> Second email in a single day, crazy. But I've had issues backing up
> and just need to resolve them
> Again Bind bind-9.7.2-P3  behind F5 Loadbalancers.
> I'm running into an issue where one of the 2 servers will resolve
> www.yahoo.com but the other will not (Same network), but both will
> resolve yahoo.com
> I was wondering if this is an issue with the Akamai DNS and or non
> standards being followed. I do see that the server being successful in
> the query generated this log entry
> Feb  3 17:00:43 mx2 named[5728]: success resolving 'www.yahoo.com/A'
> (in 'yahoo.com'?) after reducing the advertised EDNS UDP packet size
> to 512 octets
> I just enabled EDNS and reduced the edns-udp to 512, to see if that
> would help. Again one server can resolve www.yahoo.com the other
> cannot and they are identical in configuration

www.yahoo.com doesn't involve Akamai DNS these days, they have their own 
load balancing infrastructure.

www.yahoo.com.    300   IN CNAME fp.wg1.b.yahoo.com.

And even when they did, it didn't get involved until you followed the 
CNAME returned for www.yahoo.com.  Your log message above indicates an 
issue just with the yahoo.com domain, not resolution of the CNAME target.

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