Akadns and Bind

Tory M Blue tmblue at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 22:41:53 UTC 2011

> So that was the trace between the client and the nameserver.  What
> about the trace between the nameserver and the rest of the world?
> The log message is trigger by multiple queries from your nameserver
> not being answered and named falling back simpler queries in a
> attempt to get them answered.  The log message says how much simpler
> it made the query before it succeeded.  It doesn't tell you the
> cause because it doesn't know.
> Mark

But Mark

Here is where I lose it. the network between the ns server and the
world is fine, as proven by the 100's, thousands of looks ups i have
done with no issue, other than www.yahoo.com and yahoo.com.

The only possible scenario is they are doing some blocking, however
that doesn't hold water either since both the functioning and non
functioning name server go out to the world as the same IP. So if
yahoo was doing any sort of rate limiting or other my other DNS server
would exhibit the same issue.

It's very obvious that while this working server can resolve any
number of domains, yahoo and www.yahoo.com do not. I've shown that my
client can access the name server, so the request is being made, but
what the name server is doing with it is the question. I will attempt
to grab the traffic from this server at the router, a few hops up and
see if that helps. But again yahoo only? Just !=network issue in my
eyes. But I'll test, just really frustrating and turning on query
logging doesn't seem to provide much use, is there something else I
can enable in bind to help trace what the server is doing with these


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