about the file command

Torinthiel torinthiel at data.pl
Tue Feb 8 10:22:54 UTC 2011

Dnia 2011-02-08 17:40 Terry. napisał(a):

>Hi list,
>Can BIND's "file" command referer to more than one zone file?
>For example,
>      zone "test.nsbeta.info" {
>           type master;
>           file "a.db";
>           file "b.db";
>      };
>When a record doesn't exist in a.db, BIND will continue to look for it in 

And when it exists in both? Take from a? take from b? take both?
And when there's A for a.example.com in a.db and MX for a.example.com in 
b.db? Does this count as existing or not?
I don't think it's possible. can't you do cat a.db b.db > use_this.db or 
$INCLUDE one of the files in the second?
or maybe ldns-read-zone to canonicalize records and then some awk to filter 
from second zone only records that don't exist in first one.

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