syntax/format of zone on slave $ORIGIN/paragraph - sorted?

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Thu Feb 10 03:27:40 UTC 2011

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> Hello,
> I have bind/named running on Linux master and slaves. All is good, but now 
> when I’m trying to clean up some old records – I realized that sorted zone on 
> slaves are quite uneven. What I meant is, the $ORIGIN splits the zone into 
> some unknown to me syntax/format. Is there anywhere I can find the 
> description/documentation on it – How exactly slave parse the zone from 
> master and puts all these arbitrary paragraphs with $ORIGIN.

When writing the zone file on a slave, BIND uses $ORIGIN so that all 
records just have a single label.  So instead of writing: IN A

it will write:


foo IN A

If you have a zone with lots of levels of subdomain, the file will have 
lots of $ORIGIN statements as a result.

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