syntax/format of zone on slave $ORIGIN/paragraph - sorted?

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So - I want to combine and sort unique $ORIGINs without seeing same $ORIGIN again and again.

Like in your example, I would prefer to see just _ONE_ time this sorted paragraph:
<<$ORIGIN >> and not having multiple entries...

 admin                   MX      7 mx 
 $ORIGIN    <<<---------------- FIRST OCCURENCE
 aat                     A 
 alumni                  A 
 blog                    CNAME   webservices 
 preview                 CNAME 
 $ORIGIN   <<< ---------------- SECOND OCCURENCE
 bolero                  CNAME   ufsplay 
 bpaservices             A            CNAME   www 
 camino                  A 

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On Feb 10 2011, Barry Margolin wrote:

>When writing the zone file on a slave, BIND uses $ORIGIN so that all 
>records just have a single label.  So instead of writing:
> IN A
>it will write:
>$ORIGIN bar
>foo IN A
>If you have a zone with lots of levels of subdomain, the file will have 
>lots of $ORIGIN statements as a result.

Except that the rules seem to be a bit more complicated than that. (I am
using "named-checkzone -D -s relative" but I am pretty sure the same code
is involved.) Here's an extract:

admin                   MX      7 mx
aat                     A
alumni                  A
blog                    CNAME   webservices
preview                 CNAME
bolero                  CNAME   ufsplay
bpaservices             A            CNAME   www
camino                  A

So why did it dive into a subdomain for,
but not for These lines

preview                 CNAME

could have been replaced by            CNAME   cms

just as in the latter case.

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