bind 9.6.3 crashing on Freebsd 7.3

Joshua Frugé jfruge4 at
Fri Feb 11 15:26:35 UTC 2011

running bind 9.6.3 installed from ports on Freebsd 7.3 (amd64)

Getting this error in my local log

10-Feb-2011 21:12:13.711 general: rbtdb.c:1506: INSIST(((unsigned int)((&(node)->references)->refs)) == 0&&  node->data == ((void *)0)) failed

10-Feb-2011 21:12:13.711 general: exiting (due to assertion failure)

Anyone else run into this?  Any pointers on where to look for more info 
on this?


Joshua Frugé
jfruge4 at

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