Strange error from nsupdate

Chris Thompson cet1 at
Mon Feb 14 14:31:07 UTC 2011

We are running BIND 9.7.2-P3, and update our zones with nsupdate calls
that look like this:

  nsupdate -v -k keys/update-key <[input] >/dev/null 2>[errors]

This is run from a Solaris 10_x86 non-global "zone" (container).

On a couple of occasions it has generated the error

  dns_dispatch_getudp (v4): permission denied

This seems to strike at random, and goes away on retrying the same
nsupdate call. What's really strange here is that nsupdate is being
told to use TCP (the -v option), so why is it messing around with UDP?

Has anyone else seen this?

Chris Thompson
Email: cet1 at

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