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> Greetings
> I have a new slave server. I edited my master, incremented the serial number 
> and reloaded named. The master is fine, and contains the new entry but the 
> slaves are still running the previous entries.
> what is the basic operation of updating a slave ?
> I reloaded the zone with rndc and the slave pulled the zone. The serial 
> number was incremented on the slave, but the old entry's were still there.
> I checked the forward and reverse records, and nothing had changed except the 
> serial number. So I deleted the slave files, and pulled the zone again, and 
> kick started named, everything works fine.
> I highly doubt my procedure was the correct way to do it.
> can someone explain to me the proper work flow for updating records on slaves 
> ?

Upon receipt of a NOTIFY message from the master, or when the Refresh 
period specified in the SOA record expires, the slave queries the SOA 
record from the master.  If the master's serial number is higher than 
the one the slave already has, it performs a zone transfer.  Once the 
zone transfer completes, it loads the new version of the zone.

I can't think of any way that it could be getting just the incremented 
serial number, but not the rest of the changes to the zone.  I think all 
the other respondents missed this detail from your post.

Are there any errors in the slave's log when this happens?

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