bind and IPV6

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I don't think BIND is the problem, here.


Are the network and attached devices (routers/firewalls/switches/ISP) IPv6
ready ?

That might prove to be harder.

(at least : here in Belgium, our ISP's, for commercial connections are not
in a hurry to offer IPv6 connectivity)


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Marc Lampo



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Dear all,
In the scope of the IPV6 deployment, I have been asked if oiyr DNS servers
are IPV6 compliant.
We are now upgrading all our servers to bind-9.6-ESV-R3.
- Can anybody give some feedback on the IPV6 compliancy?
   IS bind-9.6-ESV-R3 totally compliant with IPV6?
Thanks in advance to share your experience/knowledge.

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