incorrect dns returned by public servers for our domain

Anand Buddhdev anandb at
Wed Feb 23 23:36:59 UTC 2011

On 23/02/2011 23:53, Gregory Machin wrote:

Hi Gregory,

> why are
>	86400	IN	NS
>	86400	IN	NS
> missing ?

Google DNS and OpenDNS are meant to be used by end-users, who don't need
the extra information in the authority section. The authority section is
only needed by recursive resolvers.

> We a have users complaining that they cant resolve out dns servers,
> and thus can't do lookups for services.

I actually doubt if the difference in response from Google/OpenDNS is
responsible for resolution failures.

It would be far more helpful if you can actually provide your domain
name. Then someone can have a look and see if there's any obvious
configuration issue. Without knowing the actual domain name, one can
only guess about possible problems.

Anand Buddhdev

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