Threaded bind on CentOS

Chris Thompson cet1 at
Thu Feb 24 21:21:28 UTC 2011

On Feb 24 2011, Jack Tavares wrote:

>I am using bind 9.7.3 and I have tried running it with
>various -n values and it appears that I will always get
>n+3 threads.
>I run it:
>named -n 1
>I get 4 threads
>named -n 4
>I get 7 threads
>I understand the desire to have background "housekeeping"
>threads, but I would like to know what, exactly, those threads do.

This is standard in any threaded BIND - it isn't specific to your OS.
There are $N worker threads and 3 overhead/management ones. I wouldn't
mind a description of the latter from ISC myself ...

Chris Thompson
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