inconsistency dnssec debuguers response and writing conseil for new areas zone

Eivind Olsen eivind at
Mon Feb 28 17:42:12 UTC 2011

Den 28. feb. 2011 kl. 17.46 skrev fakessh @:
> for example the test shows me some time
> the results are
> not consistent with my expectations

Well, I see a few different errors for that domain:

I don't see any DS records for your domain when I query the fr. nameservers. I don't know how it's handled in that TLD but I guess you somehow need to tell your registrar about your KSK, so they can put in the correct DS record.

The delegation of your domain looks a bit odd, the fr. nameservers claims you have:
...but if I query any of these, I'm told there's also

At the moment, gives an older version of the zone, with a serial number "2011021401"

Check the list of errors on especially about missing key 12961.

Eivind Olsen
eivind at

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