bind slave not get DNS update

Robert Spangler mlists at
Wed Jan 5 01:29:02 UTC 2011

On Tuesday 04 January 2011 19:43, Steve Zeng wrote:

>  We have a BIND DNS master and Windows DNS slave running for a while. I
> recently configured a second DNS slave running on Linux/Centos. When I
> stop/start the second DNS slave. It gets all zone files correctly. However,
> it does not get update when I make a zone file modification and increased
> the sn on the master. The odd thing is, I don't see any xfer-out log in the
> master(I do see the xfer-out log for the windows DNS slave, though).
> Googling around and search BIND maillist archive does not get much clue
> either... any hint is greatly appreciated..

Is there an NS record in the zone files for the newly added DNS server?  If 
not then you are going to have to add either a Notify statement in the master 
config for the new server or add it as an NS record to the zone file.  This 
is how the Master knows who to inform of changes.



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