bind slave not get DNS update

Steve Zeng SteveZ at
Wed Jan 5 19:56:42 UTC 2011

Rndc transfer (initialized at the slave side) works fine...


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If you run rndc transfer from Linux bind, what do you see? 

Paul Ooi

On 05-Jan-2011, at 9:50 AM, Steve Zeng wrote:

> I don't have NS record for both of the slaves (windows DNS slave and Linux DNS slave). I use "also-notify" and it works for Windows DNS slave. But not for BIND/Linux.
>        also-notify {
>                B.B.B.B;                                # public IP of first DNS slave(windows DNS)
>                C.C.C.C;                                # public IP of second DNS slave(Linux BIND DNS)
>        };
> Thanks, 
> Steve
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> On Tuesday 04 January 2011 19:43, Steve Zeng wrote:
>> We have a BIND DNS master and Windows DNS slave running for a while. I
>> recently configured a second DNS slave running on Linux/Centos. When I
>> stop/start the second DNS slave. It gets all zone files correctly. However,
>> it does not get update when I make a zone file modification and increased
>> the sn on the master. The odd thing is, I don't see any xfer-out log in the
>> master(I do see the xfer-out log for the windows DNS slave, though).
>> Googling around and search BIND maillist archive does not get much clue
>> either... any hint is greatly appreciated..
> Is there an NS record in the zone files for the newly added DNS server?  If 
> not then you are going to have to add either a Notify statement in the master 
> config for the new server or add it as an NS record to the zone file.  This 
> is how the Master knows who to inform of changes.
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> Robert
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