bind slave not get DNS update

Steve Zeng SteveZ at
Thu Jan 6 00:06:34 UTC 2011

Tcpdump on master(A.A.A.A) shows the following:

23:59:54.788272 IP A.A.A.A.domain > C.C.C.C.domain:  26512 notify [b2&3=0x2400] [1a] SOA? (72)
23:59:54.788898 IP C.C.C.C.domain > A.A.A.A.domain:  26512 notify Refused- 0/0/0 (26)

So it looks like master did sent notify out but refused by BIND slave
also-notify {
   B.B.B.B;                                # public IP of first DNS slave(windows DNS)
   C.C.C.C;                                # public IP of second DNS slave(Linux BIND DNS)


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On 05/01/11 01:50, Steve Zeng wrote:
> I don't have NS record for both of the slaves (windows DNS slave and
> Linux DNS slave). I use "also-notify" and it works for Windows DNS
> slave. But not for BIND/Linux.

On 05/01/11 19:56, Steve Zeng wrote:
> Rndc transfer (initialized at the slave side) works fine...

	Good.  Manual intervention works.

	I suggest you try to determine the following from your logs
	on both master and (Linux) slave.

	Whether the master is sending the NOTIFY.
	Whether the slave is receiving the NOTIFY.
	Whether the slave is acting on the NOTIFY.

	That should make it clear what's not happening without
	manual intervention.

	Best regards,
	Niall O'Reilly
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