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Mon Jan 10 08:01:50 UTC 2011

On 07.01.11 12:08, blr maani wrote:
> You can develop scripts to do the following:
> Develop script(s) and run on a host which has access to both Master(s) and
> Slave(s). The script should do the following:
> 1. For each zones, check serial number on both master(s) and slave(s) for
> the zone and compare it. Report mismatch if any.
> 2. If you want to compare the zone contents as well  (assuming you don't
> trust just the serial numbers), then you can get zone contents via dig AXFR
> and do a diff and report diff if any.

note that there can be mismatch for a while when you change a zone on the
master. The slave needs take some time to fetch the zone and update it...

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