bind 9 multiple masters setup

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If a zone is not dynamic, then the MNAME does nothing except to possibly 
inhibit notifies to the declared master iff you specify the option "notify 
yes" or if you do not specify any notify option (as "notify yes" is the 

If a zone is dynamic, then the MNAME plays a very critical role of telling 
all clients where to send dynamic DNS updates.

I hear that support for multi-master with dynamic zones is expected in 
version 10.  I have my own questions about how that will be done.

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> Hello,
> I have most of this worked out but I intend to setup bind in a
> multiple master manner.
> This makes me question a few things:
> 1. What can I use for the SOA MNAME? In the off chance a box may die,
> I am thinking of using a VIP which contains the multiple masters
> within it. However I am not sure how this would affect NOTIFY. So can
> I use a VIP or do I just use one of the master DNS boxes in the SOA
> MNAME field?
> 2. With that said, I intend to use rndc to push out DNS changes,
> should I worry about using a VIP still? I may need to use both and
> NOTIFY seems like it is more built-in so I want to keep rndc and
> NOTIFY going.
> Hope someone has gone through this trauma.
> Thank you!,
> Zahid Bukhari
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