queryperf for stress test

ju wusuo juwusuo at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 17 01:00:39 UTC 2011

this is just a benchmark kind of stress test with authoritative records, query 
logging has been disabled. 

Emil Natan <shlyoko at gmail.com wrote:

>run queryperf on the same server and got a not bad number at around 60,000 qps, 
>however, the cpu and memory are far from used up, what else could be the 
>limiting factors for getting higher qps numbers?
Logging. If query log is enabled it has significant impact on the performance. 
If syslog is used for the purpose it is even worse.

It is not clear what tests exactly do you perform. Is named serving 
authoritative data? If yes - enable the acache (disabled by default). If it is 
used as recursive server and it needs to query external servers this can be a 
factor too.

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