why queries rejected?

pyh at mail.nsbeta.info pyh at mail.nsbeta.info
Wed Jan 19 02:03:36 UTC 2011

My zone is game.yy.com, and there are so many "auth queries rejected" in 
named.stats which was generated by "rndc stats". Could you show me some way 
to debug it? Thanks. 

              671834 auth queries rejected
                3003 recursive queries rejected
              685192 queries resulted in successful answer
              685891 queries resulted in authoritative answer
                 676 queries resulted in nxrrset
                  23 queries resulted in NXDOMAIN
                   4 requested transfers completed
                   7 updates completed 


pyh at mail.nsbeta.info writes: 

>> You haven't provided enough information for us to know. Have you
>> bothered checking logs?
> Nothing special in logs from what I checked.  

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