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I tried to make a simple box ipv6 did not I know about
registration aaaa. my domain names such owns a recording aaaa

how to properly configure a zone ipv6

Le dimanche 23 janvier 2011 à 03:41 +0100, Eivind Olsen a écrit :
> > administrators bind. How is it necessary to have a secondary dns server
> > ipv6 in to establish a connection ipv6. I like ipv6 me and one of
> > someone else  yet I can not properly establish connections ipv6 I do not
> > even know if I answer properly in ipv6
> I'm not 100% sure I understand the question.
> I don't see any AAAA record for, only a normal IPv4 A record:
> Eivind-mac:~ eivind$ dig +short a
> Eivind-mac:~ eivind$ dig +short aaaa
> Eivind-mac:~ eivind$
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> Eivind Olsen
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