BIND 9.8.0b1 Released Today

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at
Mon Jan 24 13:02:55 UTC 2011

> > On 21.01.11 10:45, Sue Graves wrote:
> >>     * BIND now supports a new zone type, static-stub. This allows the
> >> administrator of a recursive nameserver to force queries for a
> >> particular zone to go to IP addresses of the administrator's choosing,
> >> on a per zone basis, both globally or per view. I.e. if the
> >> administrator wishes to have their recursive server query and
> >> for zone rather than the servers listed by the
> >> .com gTLDs, they would configure as a static-stub zone in
> >> their recursive server. [RT #21474]

> On 24/01/11 10:56, Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
> > what's the difference between these and "type forward" zones?"

On 24.01.11 11:58, Cathy Almond wrote:
> With forward zones, the server sends a recursive query and expects 'the
> answer' in return.  Other queries are handled iteratively by sending
> non-recursive queries to authoritative nameservers - that includes those
> for both stub and static-stub zones.
> (Conceptually, it's an explicit 'override' for the published nameserver
> information for when named needs to send queries to the authoritative
> nameservers for that zone).

so, iiuc, the difference is that "type forward" sends queries with RD bit
set, while "type static-stub" sends them with RD cleared... and
the "forward first" option appears to be applicable only in forward zones.

did I get it right?

I use forward zones for blacklists - while I mirror some locally, but when my
mirror fails, the usual resolution takes place.

If I'm right, this is not possible with "type static-stub" zones.

I wonder, what are expected usages for this kinds of zones?
Maybe blacklists, if we have local mirrors and traffic so high that we'd get
blocked imediately?

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