Bind with publicly routable DDNS mappings for IPv6 but not IPv4

Michael Himbeault mike at
Mon Jan 24 15:28:36 UTC 2011

So I appear to have fallen into the cracks of "stuff the internet is
completely useless for looking up". I can't come up with any useful set of
keywords, so here I am.

I'm attempting to configure DDNS between ISC DHCPD and BIND. I want DDNS for
both IPv4 and IPv6. I have this. Cool. Now, I want to publish the IPv6 DDNS
mappings out to the internet at large so every host can have a publicly
routable IP address and no one has to remember any 32 character addresses. I
would like this to be accomplished by everyone hanging off of the domain.

For example a computer (hostname: pinky) connects to the network, and now
everyone on the internal network can ping either pinky or
If they are IPv4 only, they will get pinky's IPv4 leased address, and if
they are dual-stack or IPv6 they will get pinky's IPv6 address since will have both A and AAAA records. I also want anyone on
the internet at large to be able to ping and, if they are
IPv6 enabled, will get replies since pinky's IPv6 address is publicly
routable. Attempts to get an A record for should fail.

Problem is, how do I do this without polluting the internet with my private
IPv4 DDNS mappings and without requiring an extra subdomain? The inside
clients need to see both the IPv6 and IPv4 mappings, but the external
queries should never see the IPv4 mappings. I can't just copy-past the zone
files since they are both being dynamicly updated through DDNS.
Additionally, since the DHCP client support for DHCP option 119 (DNS domain
search list) is pretty abysmal I would really like to not have to put ipv4
mappings onto <HOSTNAME>

Any suggestions?

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