Question when testing Caching Server with resperf

khanh rua duonghoahoc_k49cd at
Tue Jan 25 08:51:17 UTC 2011

Hi Eivind Olsen,

The command to did test is

/usr/local/nom/bin/resperf -d 
/usr/local/nom/examples/dnsperf/queryfile-example-100thousand -s localhost -P 

queryfile-example-100thousand or queryfile-example-3million are provided by 
Nominum. Each line on file is a input to query so each file have 100 000 and 3 
000 000 lines( queries). So data is external data and real data.

First test: When i use queryfile-example-100thousand, i did two command. Its ok 
with first command with result 9000 throughput. The second command is "ran out 
of query data". So it mean resperf use all the lines ( queries ) of file. So 
resperf doesn't re-use the same 65000 line  that was run in the first command. 
May be it used 65000 line randomly, i don't know. I can' find how it works with 
query in Nominum document. So i need help at this. 

Second test: Next, i flush cache. I run command with 3million query file. And 
run continuesly the command and check named process by top. The process just 
reach to 600Mb and not increase anymore. So it mean the cache is not increase. 
But if the command use different query each time (as first test) why it doesnt 
increase? As i think, the cache will save new queries and it will help faster 

Tien 86.

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