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> > [This does leave a security hole - if a root name server's IP changes,
> > and a Bad Guy gets the old one; or on another internet, if the Bad Guy
> > gets all the IP addresses in the default file.  It's not just lust for
> > control that has me using a visible root hints file.]
> I'm sure the folks who run these networks are quite aware of this 
> danger.  If a root server changes, I'll bet it will be several years 
> before the old address goes to some other organization.
> How would a Bad Guy get these blocks, anyway?  Since when do 
> organizations return IP blocks.
> And if you check the registrations, several of them are assigned 
> specifically to reserve the blocks for root servers.  Presumably the 
> intent is that even if the organizations operating them change, the IPs 
> shouldn't -- they simply route the IPs to someone else.
> inetnum: -
> netname:        NSPIXP-2
> descr:          root DNS server
> NetRange: -
> CIDR: 
> OriginAS:       AS20144
> NetName:        L-ROOT
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And one can always turn on DNSSEC and then it doesn't matter which server
gives you the information.
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